Friday, October 3, 2008

74 % of teens dramatically overestimate …

….their ability to manage their asthma according to a Cincinnati Children’s Hospital study. No surprise.

“Some kids who were coughing every night thought their asthma was in good control," says study co-author Dr. Maria Britto. Fewer than half of teens with asthma take their medicine regularly. Many teens working after school jobs, practicing sports, or spending time with friends need often do not prioritize monitoring their symptoms.

How can parents help their asthmatic teens stay safe?

• Starting while a child is young and slowly familiarizing them with every aspect of their condition can be an excellent foundation for their teen years.

• The best way to encourage teens to take charge of their own health is to communicate with them.

• Talk about the risks and the long term benefits of taking the proper medication.

• Empower the teens with a sense of responsibility. One suggestion from a Newsweek article is to tell your teenager to create and send text message reminders to her or him to take medication or carry their inhaler. Suggest that your teen download a popular ring tone to go with the text message.

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