Friday, October 3, 2008

Wildfires? Clear Your Home of Smoke

For those hit with smoke from a fire in their home or outside, here is an idea. When California had several wildfires this summer, homeowners who got an AspenAir Inside home air cleaning unit could quickly remove the smoke that came inside their home, reported Contra Costa Times journalist Janis Mara.

In fact, the device got rid of up to 20 times more polluting particles than conventional home air cleaning systems. Most importantly, it removed, the tiny yet dangerous RSPs that irritate the lungs and worse.

Who most wanted it? The elderly and those with young children, allergies or a desire to have healthier air at home - where we spend much of the time. It is easy to maintain and fast to install. A unit can be retrofitted (aka bolted onto) any kind or size of home heating air conditioning system in 40 minutes or less.

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