Thursday, October 9, 2008

Double Pane Windows: “Not Worth Much…

… “without a properly insulated house with an efficient heating and cooling system,” reports Alexis Madrigal. That’s what she learned from Sustainable Spaces, a firm that conducts home energy efficiency assessments and provides green improvements.” Matt Golden, Sustainable Spaces’ ceo, says his company can reduce a home’s energy bills by 10-50 percent, simply by fixing what he calls “the heart and lungs of a home” – the HVAC system.

Of course, once your home is tightly- sealed and snug, consider getting those double pane windows. For the best kind, check the warranty and the NFRC rating. Also be sure to remove the airborne pollutants that are captured inside, especially the tiny RSPs that can go deep into the lungs, sometimes causing asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems.

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