Friday, October 3, 2008

Get a Green Broker When You Buy or Sell Your Home

That choice is not only smart for the planet and for your health, it means that the property may be more valuable to the buyer or the seller. Why? Because a broker who is steeped in what makes a home green (energy-efficient, air cleaning system, solar, etc.), can help other eco-minded buyers or sellers to size up a property, make green improvements and more.

For example, Meghan Clair is the kind of caring trailblazer I would pick as my Realtor if I were buying or selling my home in Hawaii (rather than in Sausalito, where I live). Also I love living in this hilly village by the bay.

Back to Clair. She cares deeply about the environment and supporting people in finding a healthy green home in which to live. That's why she studied to become the first certified Ecobroker in Maui. Now that's a concrete way to support the Aloha spirit and way of life.

As Clair points out, "Green real estate refers to a property designed or built to reduce environmental impacts; create a safer, more efficient living or working environment; reduce operating cost; and improve occupant health." Even the wealthy are going green at home - not just to save the world but to preserve their health.

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