Friday, October 3, 2008

What’s the Top Reason to Build Green?

According to certified green builders TMG Homes it is to “improve the air quality in your home."

Here’s their elaboration: “The quality of a home’s indoor air is the most important feature of green homes. Green homes limit the use of chemicals that can off-gas from building materials that can affect allergies and respiratory ailments. Steps are taken to control and filter air contaminants during and after construction. All green homes contain passive radon mitigation systems.”

For some people, good air quality at home isn’t “just” a nice green feature; it is vital: Infants, young children, those with asthma, allergies or other respiratory conditions, work-at-home folks, the elder because of their much-reduced lung capacity, smokers and those who live with them, people in urban areas and (winter is coming!) those who are indoors even more because they live in colder climates.

In a study by AirAdvice of more than 10,000 North American homes and businesses, almost 96% had health-affecting indoor air quality problems in at least one of six areas: particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide.

For the most continuously high-efficiency (performance does not go down after 45 days as happens in most conventional air cleaners), whole home air cleaner get the best-in-category of electronic air cleaner (EAs). It is made by AspenAir Inside. Any size home can use this new technology. It can be bolted right onto any HVAC system in 40 minutes or less. It gets rid of the most dangerous and difficult-to-remove tiny particles - the RSPs and the VOCs.

It is energy-saving, quiet, requires less than 10 minutes of maintenance a year (1-2 filter changes) - and unlike many conventional air cleaners it does not emit harmful ozone. It makes the air cleaner than fresh air. (Yes, I am a fan.)

Here TMG Homes’ next nine reasons to build “green.” Note that TMG Homes smartly partners with Ecobrokers.

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